Lake Turkana Wind Power Project, Kenya

For this research, Henry explored the relationship between multi-stakeholder collaboration and pre-emptively mediating conflict in the context of an apparent new ‘scramble’ for African land. Specifically, land acquisition for renewables projects was explored within Kenya. The literature review was followed by qualitative field research through community interviews at the selected case study site, the Lake Turkana Wind Power Project in Marsabit County, Kenya.

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Cabo Pulmo National Park, Mexico

This research explored conflict surrounding the phenomenon of the centralized nature of ocean and marine resource governance, as it pertains to smaller scale ocean users such as artisanal fishermen. A preliminary literature review was conducted, followed by a research study at Cabo Pulmo National Park, in Mexico.

Coastal Development, Mauritius

Over the course of three weeks, Henry engaged in a number of marine and terrestrial survey and monitoring activities to closely survey the anthropological effects of unsustainable development on coral and terrestrial ecosystems in Mauritius.